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lunes 11 de febrero de 2013

Job Offer

Career Development Service

- Consulting / Consultancy / Audit

King Stage is a consulting agency, established in 2009, specializing in career coaching and recruitment for UK/European students and graduates.
Our career coaching team offers tailored service, thus helping you benefit from our specialist help in all aspects of career management and job search process.

Our aim is to guide our candidates to finding their perfect job related to their field. In this sense, we are offering the fallowing services:
1. CV Review and Cover Letter –we are identifying and highlighting your skills and competences.
2. Career guidance – we are offering consultancy services by guiding the identification of desired job and company.
3. Interview preparation and tips – our consultants will build up your strength and confidence, guiding you in how to create a professional impression and negotiating with the employer.
4. Job seeking support – targeting chosen companies and responding to vacancies.
5. For applicants outside the UK (within EU) – support will be provided to obtaining the necessary legal documents to work within the UK.
This ad is not a job position, it is a coaching programme meant to help graduates and job seekers to get a new start in London.

Other professional
Career Development Service (Other Trades)
20 Offers

Country for the Job Offer: UNITED KINGDOM
Location Abroad: London

job Details

Experience No es necesaria
Career Level Obligatory Secondary education
Minimum requirements Any candidate that has finished High school and would like to have a new start in London


Contract type Self-Employed
Working hours Indifferent

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