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lunes 11 de febrero de 2013

Ficha de la oferta


- ONG y servicios sociales

To give administrative, logistic and operational support to projects currently implemented in NES. To maintain smooth relationship and coordination with KRI mission in Dohuk and Erbil. To coordinate all tasks and work with NES team.

The successful candidate will be based in Dohuk, Kurdistan Iraquí

The successful candidate will be part of the mission team and will report to the NES Coordinator.


Travel planning
? To plan vehicle movements in coordination with NES and KRI team and driver/purchaser follow up.
? To check that communication and security procedures are followed correctly.
Logistics management of the premises:
? To follow up the consumption of car fuel.
? To check cleanliness of premises and cook/cleaner tasks and work.
Maintenance of MDM’s premises and follow up
? To ensure the maintenance of all MDM project premises and to check on the general state of facilities (walls, roofs, electrical installations, water supply and quality, internet connection…)
? To follow up ADSL, Korek, FastLink scratch cards use.
? To check the conformity of security norms in MDM premises (smoke detectors and fire extinguishers)
Maintenance of MDM’s equipment
? To make and to update inventories of investments in equipment related to energy, IT and communication.
? To update monthly physical inventory for furniture (office and GH).
? To check the quality work carried out on electrical back up and electrical installations.
? Manages the IT and communication material (physical inventories, re-allocation of equipment)
- Draws up logistic orders for his sector of activity, to follow them up, to check their proper reception and state.
- To check, to prepare and to follow up all docs to facilitate to JCC for international order import.
- To coordinate the JCC submitting process with KRI team.
- To prepare, to submit and to follow up all docs for Peshkabour/Semelka border crossing.
- To carry out local purchases following MdM standars and procedures (MR, PO, EG, QR, WB)
- To look after all equipment provided.
- To ensure correct use of all material
Team management:
- To coordinate all activity for the team under his/her responsibility
- Organise weekly meeting on ongoing activity
- To form and to give support to his/her team
- To watch over the strict application of the security rules by his/her team.
- To follow the work schedule of his/her team
- To follow up contracts deadlines.
- To participate to INGO’s, LogCluster, INSO meetings.
- To prepare and send monthly sitrep to HQ

Money administration and security
• To guarantee that money administration procedures are followed
• To ensure the management of coordination cash boxes in different currencies (following up advances and maintaining the advances register and bank account/ check, expenditure conciliations, etc.).
• To check that purchasing procedures are followed (mission request/purchase order forms systematically signed by authorized persons).
• To prepare SAPP and all subsequent documentation each month and to send them to AdminCo NES.
• To follow up suppliers payments (city energy, neighborhood generator, city water, car fuel, GH rent), to proceed to payment and to prepare payment docs (transfer order letter, checks).
• To pay per diem and security envelopes according to the rules.
• To follow up bank accounts and cash movements.
Guarantees accounting procedures are followed
• To check the conformity of justifications/invoices.
• To fill and archiving documents.
• To prepare and to send original invoices to HQ every 3 months. To prepare invoices hard and soft copy.
• To check and to prepare documentation for refunding KRI mission (employee salaries, car rent, custom clearance, hotel expenditure, visa, residency, transport etc.)
• To follow up budget.
Expenditure carried out within the financial mission
- Checking the documents attached and cost allocations (project and accounts codes)
- Checking the justification documents and their conformity (order forms, invoices, inventories, etc.).
- To analyze cash box disparities and providing technical assistance for their resolution.
In coordination with HRCo KRI and AdminCo NES, to prepare job offers and JD, to select candidates, to do interview and tests.
To proceed to periodical employee interview meetings.

LOGISTICIAN-ADMINISTRATOR (Cooperación internacional)
1 Vacante(s)

País de la oferta: IRAQ
Ubicación en el extranjero: Dohuk


Experiencia Laboral Igual a 2 años
Estudios mínimos Licenciatura
Requisitos mínimos Academic: University degree or diploma.
A Master in International Cooperation and/or Humanitarian Aid is desirable.
Languages: Very high level of spoken and written English.
Valuable French and Arabic/Kurdish
Office pack user level.
Idiomas Inglés ( Lectura: Nivel avanzado (c1) / Escritura: Nivel avanzado (c1) / Conversación: Nivel avanzado (c1) )


Tipo de contrato Contrato por obra y servicio
Jornada Laboral Jornada Completa

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