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lunes 11 de febrero de 2013

Job Offer


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160 Manufacturing Technicians, KILDARE co., IRELAND
March 2018
Starting date: beginning June 2018
About Retronix Semiconductor
Retronix Semiconductor is a leading provider of support services to Original Equipment
Manufacturers (OEM’s), Device Manufacturers and Equipment Trading companies in the
Semiconductor industry. Our culture of service delivery is achieved through evolving and
developing our services to meet and exceed the changing needs of our customers.

- A 6 month assignment with a paid bonus at the end
-Great pay, a liveable wage and generous for the position offered.
- Covered travel, relocation expenses through Eures Programme
- Travel service between your accommodation and work
-Pre-employment training so you're prepared for your first day
- Shift rotation with 4 days working, 3 days off and 3 days working with 4 days off
This is a 6-month contract position based in a state-of-the-art chip manufacturing facility in
Ireland. You’ll gain valuable and transferable international work experience as a high-tech
manufacturing technician, playing an integral part in contributing to the successful production of
customer products.

In this role you will:
- Be responsible for planning, moving and tracking of production lots in the manufacturing
area through operation of state-of-the-art Manufacturing Execution System
- Maintain records and reports as required
- Coordinate activities with peers, supervisor(s) to ensue continuous movement of
production lots
- Maintain standards of conduct acceptable to both Retronix and customers to maintain
credentials for being on customer site(s)
- Adhere to strict safety procedures and protocols

Other professional
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Country for the Job Offer: IRELAND
Location Abroad: Irlanda

job Details

Experience At least 1 Year
Career Level Advanced Profesional Training
Minimum requirements - Minimum B2 English required
- Mechanical and technical background is appreciated but not required.
- Any level of higher education beyond high school is acceptable. Technical college,
vocational school, university, etc.
- Ability to follow procedures and pay attention to details
- Willingness to learn with good verbal and written communication skills
- Strong work ethic
- Reliable, on time, positive attitude, work well with others
- Takes initiative and is a team player
- Can lift/carry objects up to 35lbs
- Can bend/stoop/climb as needed
- Can work within a clean room environment
Languages English ( Reading: Level intermedio alto (b2) / Writing: Level intermedio alto (b2) / Conversation: Level intermedio alto (b2) )


Contract type Other Contracts
Working hours Indifferent

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